Hi there!

Charlene Burke here. Owner and Chief Writer here on GROWplr.com

I've been writing since I was a child. Researching, reading, and collecting information so that I could learn and then share it with others in my writing.

That's what I bring to GROWplr.com

The purpose of the site is to provide quality, ready made content for those who lack the time or ability to write their own content.
The content available for purchase on this site has been written or rewritten by me, or has been written by a vetted expert writer.

  • All content has been written by someone who is fluent in American English.
  • Some content is written in a formal, corporate-like style.
  • Some content is written in a casual, conversational style.

The style is in the description and can be seen in the screenshot for each package.

If, and this is a BIG if, images and graphics are included the description will say so and the PLR license extends to them, too.

Your License

All content comes with a PLR license.

PLR license means that you may alter the content any way you want and use them for any purpose – including breaking up content, compiling it into different products, taking sections to create webinars or courses or videos, or however you want. The only rules I have are that you don't pass the PLR License to someone else and that you don't use my name. This content is for you to use as you want, slap your name on it, put articles together and make them an ebook, put your logo on it, whatever you like.

I do recommend that you do 2 things after you've downloaded and unzipped the file you purchase:

  1. Review the contents to ensure that you've received what you expected
  2. You, or someone else, rewrite the content so it appears original to you


The reason PLR is less expensive than original content written just for you and your business is because I offer it for sale to unlimited buyers. Therefore, if you don't rewrite in any way you risk having the same content as someone else online. Change the headline, change the paragraph headers, add your own keywords and phrases.

PLR (Private Label Rights)

Quality content that multiple buyers can own. It's your answer to content that you need for your blog, your lead magnets, your articles on other websites.

On this site you'll find small and large article packs, short reports, blog posts, and ebooks. They all come with a PLR license inside the zip file.

All packages are zip files. When you purchase, you will be redirected to a download page where a simple click starts the download to your hard drive.

Thank you for your support.

Getting In Touch

My contact information is included in every zip file as a text document as is the PLR license. You'll receive a reminder and welcome email that includes my contact information. You can expect to receive occasional emails from me about new packs added to the site, PLR for sale from someone else that I think is darned good and you should know about, and training about the many things you can do with PLR.

This site is owned and operated by Charlene Burke, owner of Search by Burke, LLC