This PLR bundle includes 10 videos of interest in personal development and self-help.

Perfect for any new site focused on Mindset, Personal Development, Self-Help, Wellness and more along these lines.

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Videos you can use on your blog, on your YouTube channel, as ads, on social media, in your membership site.

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The video titles and content match in this PLR bundle include:

1. 10 Ways to Calm Your Mind – length 2:40
2. Confidence is the Secret Ingredient to Getting What You Want – length 1:30
3. Flow: Intense Focus and How To Get It – length 1:40
4. Get Smarter: Food For The Brain – length 1:29
5. How to Stop Procrastinating – length :54
6. Look Good Feel Good Be Healthy – length 2:09
7. Too Much Self Help Can Do More Harm Than Good – length 1:07
8. Train Your Brain to Think Faster and Better – length 2:26
9. Yes You Should Start Meditating – length 1:59
10. You Can Feel More Fulfilled Do These Four Things – length 3:01

These videos match and support the content in the PLR article pack >>>Personal Development Articles<<<

Here is what they look like:







Here is a sample of what you can expect:

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