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Affiliate Marketing

Is Too Complicated?

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You're Not Alone!

Dear Reader,

I agree with you…

There are tons of websites 

and courses 

and coaching programs 

for those who want to do affiliate marketing.


And I do mean tons!


No doubt you’ve done a Google search for “learn how to do affiliate marketing”.


No wonder you’re confused and frustrated!


I know!

I get it…

I started looking at affiliate marketing years ago and couldn’t get my mind around it until –

I realized that it all begins with 


1 product

from 1 seller

represented by 1 link


that I share with someone.

When that person uses my link to purchase that product, I get a commission.

I was getting lost in the “marketing” part.

The need for a website.
The need for a ‘brand’.
The need for an email list
The need for lead generation.

You see – I get it!

If you’re tired of trying to figure out

all the ins and outs of affiliate marketing…

When really all you want to be able to do

is share a link to a product you love and make a little money…

This Guide Is For You - The Beginner!

What's Inside

  • 32 Pages of Goodness
  • Created With YOU In Mind!
  • Just What IS Affiliate Marketing?
  • A Few Options You Haven't Considered
  • Quality Content Matters
  • Where to Find Affiliate Opportunities
  • Affiliate Networks and Programs

This Short Guide Can Be Yours For Just $7

Wait a second!

By now you’re asking …

“Where’s the Proof?”

Proof that I make money as an affiliate…

Proof that the information in the guide is accurate, current, and doable.


Hmmm  … well, here’s a screenshot of some of my latest affiliate earnings

Keep in mind that I view affiliate earnings as an additional revenue source, not my primary revenue source. 

And, these are just 3 of a few different networks and programs I use.


Imagine getting an automatic payment into your checking account …

all because you shared 1 link to 1 product and 1 person purchased. 

Think about that for a moment. 

How would it feel to get a notification that payment has been sent to your account?

And all you did was share 1 link to 1 product to 1 person because …

You LOVE that new pillow you purchased and want to share the goodness with others

You had a lot of FUN with the board game you got for Christmas and want to share the goodness with others

You had the BEST sleep ever on the new mattress you purchased and want to share the goodness with others

You experienced TREMENDOUS relief and spiritual growth from the gratitude journal you used and want to share the goodness with others

That is the FUN of being an affiliate of a company that you trust. 

And, now you can discover HOW to be an affiliate

and join the FUN of sharing and earning.

Can Be Yours for $7

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