Hey there!

I'm Charlene Burke - writer, business researcher, and personal growth guide. 

I created this special PLR bundle just for you - the follower of Tools for Motivation. 

Inside this bundle you will find:

1 Nature Meditation Video

3 Articles on Mindfulness, Meditation, Self-Help

1 Idea List that helps you figure out what you might want to do with video

I hope you make good use of the PLR below. If you want exclusive content, contact me and we can talk about it.

NOTE: This product will not be sold or offered to the public until December, 2019. Giving you an opportunity to be the first to use it online.

FYI - after downloading you may want to check out another freebie that includes a couple of videos and more articles: http://growplr.flywheelsites.com/positive-bundle-greatness/

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